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Welcome to the Frances Harper Junior High School PTO website.  We are devoted to enriching the lives of the junior high students who attend school at Harper through parent, teacher and staff collaboration and involvement.  


Remember, just because you don't volunteer in the classroom anymore doesn't mean you shouldn't be involved and make a difference!

2023-24 School Year - Online Membership form!  

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Harper PTO Meeting Dates
  • Sep 11th

  • Oct 11t

  • Nov 13th

  • Jan 8th

  • Mar 11th

  • Apr 8th

  • May 13th

PTO Meeting: 

Please join us for our Harper PTO Meeting via zoom (see zoom link below). At our meeting you will have the chance to connect with other Harper parents, hear reports from PTO, Principal Katie Sluis and Harper staff.


Questions contact Harper PTO at

Hope you can join us!


Join Zoom Meeting: 

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 920 016 0050
Passcode: 2510

PTO Sponsored Grants

Each year parents contribute to the Harper Fund at the beginning of the school year. The PTO then asks teachers to submit written "grant requests" to the PTO outlining what they are asking for, how much it will cost, the number of students it will serve and why they need it.  The PTO Executive Board then reviews the requests, asks for input from the Principal and finally takes the proposed "grants" to the PTO members at the next meeting.  After consideration of each proposal and how much funding the PTO has, the PTO grants many of the teacher requests.  This very gratifying process allows the PTO to directly fund departmental and teacher needs as well as school-wide programs and activities.


Have any questions?  Let us know!


Harper Junior High School is located at:

4000 E. Covell Blvd, Davis, CA 95618 
530-757-5330 Phone | 530-757-5350 Fax

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